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Condition of warranty
  1. This warranty shall put a limit to repair of defects in material and/or workmanship. This service will be provided under the condition of free of charge by the service centre as designated by Casio Computer Co. Ltd. However, insurance, handling, transportation and other incidental charges in relation to repair work must be borne by the owner. (Note: Casio will not assume the responsibility for damages or loss encountered in transit, but will assist in processing any claims whenever possible.)
  2. To validate this Warranty Card, you are requested to fill in all necessary information (purchaser’s name and address, place of purchase, model number and serial number), and assure that the warranty card is dated and stamped or signed by the dealer or supplier. When the international warranty service is required, present this card together with a copy of your bona fide proof of purchase receipt, and take them or mail them to the designated service centre. The original receipt is recommended to present for the proof of the original purchase.
  3. This warranty shall not apply if the defect or malfunction was caused by damage resulting from operation of the product contrary to instructions contained in the owner’s manual, or any misuse or abuse of the product. Also, this warranty does not cover any defect that has occurred as a result of any modification or servicing performed by anyone other than the designated Casio service station. Removable batteries and damage caused by leakage of those batteries are not covered by this warranty. Routine cleaning and normal cosmetic and mechanical wear are not covered under the terms of this warranty. Casio shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages (such as memory device, processing, travel, batteries, etc.) resulting from any breach of warranty, express or implied, applicable to this product.
  4. No refunds will be made on repairs performed by un-designated Casio service centres.
  5. This warranty card will not be re-issued. This is your only copy. Please keep it along with your original copy of purchase receipt.
  6. This warranty is valid for only digital cameras and computer products.
What is covered

Casio products purchased through our authorized bona fide distribution channels are warranted by Casio Computer Co. Ltd., authorized distributors and service centres for a period of one year from date of original purchase in connection with any defects in material and/or workmanship.

What is not covered
  1. Damage or defect caused by transportation, abuse, battery leaking, improper use or negligent care.
  2. Defect caused by any modification or servicing by other than the designated service stations.
  3. Consumable or accessories (e.g. batteries, cradle, AC adaptor and electronic cables).
  4. For computer products, operation system and damage caused by conflict of software or electronic virus.
  5. Any electronic data loss due to malfunctioning or repair of this product.

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Condition of warranty

The Warranty Card is valid in Hong Kong and Macau, it will not be re-issued. Please keep it along with your original invoice. In the case of failure under normal use according to the instruction manual within the warranty period, we will repair it free- of-charge. Upon presenting this warranty card and the original invoice, 1-year free warranty service from the date of purchase will be provided.

What is not covered
  1. The problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment.
  2. The problem is caused by fire or other natural calamity.
  3. The problem is caused by improper repair or adjustment made by anyone other than a CASIO service center.
  4. The case, band, glass or battery is damaged or worn.
  5. All accessory repair or replacement.



Condition of warranty

Thank you for your purchase of YA-MAN products. We guarantee to offer one year free warranty service from the date of purchase within the limit of the following conditions:

  1. This warranty card is valid only with dealer’s chop and date of purchase and with the original purchase receipt presented when service is rendered.
  2. This warranty card will only be valid when the model stated on this card corresponds with that of the product.
  3. You are responsible for the transportation of the product to and from our service center for repair.
  4. This warranty card is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau.
  5. Any warranty card other than this will not be recognized by this Company.
  6. In case there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and the Chinese version of the terms, the English version shall prevail.
What is covered

For any manufacturer defect which in our judgement is caused under normal use, we are responsible for repairing or replacing parts excluding consumables and accessories, free of charge within the one year guarantee period commencing from the date of purchase. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.

What is not covered

This warranty card shall automatically void if

  1. It has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with, altered or repaired in any way by persons not authorized by our company;
  2. It has been damaged through misuse, negligence, liquid ingress, accident, insects or natural calamities;
  3. It has become malfunctioned due to power interruption or abnormal voltage input.