The James Dyson Story

James Dyson, a British engineer, is the founder of Dyson and his story is all about developing new technologies to make everyday products work better. In 1979, James, while using his vacuum cleaner, became frustrated with how it instantly clogged and began to lose suction. He then ripped open the bag and noticed a layer of dust inside. James knew it was a fundamental flaw with the vacuum technology, and was determined to develop a vacuum cleaner that work properly.

While visiting a local sawmill, James noticed the sawdust was removed from the air by large industrial cyclones. He thought this principle might work on a vacuum cleaner, thus, took it apart and rigged it up with a cardboard cyclone. Amazingly, it picked up more than his old bag machine. This was the world’s first bag-less vacuum cleaner.

James has created the Root Cyclone™ technology. The first breakthrough in vacuum cleaner design that wont clog the pores.

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