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Conditions of Online Warranty Registration (“Conditions”):

1. Upon using this webpage and the online warranty registration provided under this webpage, you have acknowledged and agreed that the Standard Terms and Conditions for Use of Website and this Conditions are both binding upon you.

2. In order to complete the on line warranty registration and enjoy the 1-month extended warranty of the product, you have to fill in all necessary information as requested by this website. When the warranty services is required, you have to personally present (i) the original warranty card issued by us attached with the product (which is dated and stamped or duly signed by the authorised dealer or supplier) and (ii) the original purchase receipt of the product to the designated service stations.

3. Since most of our authorized dealer or supplier provide 10 days product guarantee, please complete the online warranty registration after 10 days of the purchase. Before purchase, please consult our authorised dealer or supplier if the 10 days product guarantee is applicable to the product and the relevant details of such guarantee. In order to enjoy the 1-month extended warranty, warranty registration must be completed within 1 month after purchase of the product.

4. In case of any dispute in relation to the maintenance of product, warranty service and the online warranty registration, our decision shall be final and conclusive

5. This Conditions are subject to change and revisions from time to time without prior notice. Please check periodically for the updated version before use of this website.

6. This Conditions is made in English and Chinese languages. If there is any discrepancy between two versions, the English version will prevail.

In case of any dispute in relation to the application, Jebsen & Co Ltd’s decision shall be final and conclusive

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